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Solo EP Cover

Lynnee Breedlove Solo EP
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Sailor  |   Knuckle Sandwich   |   The Hag Anthem


affairs wrecked pissed exes no damn love wha’d ya say?
didnt deserve none anyway
old tyrannies smashed us a crash we cant pry open
i got my own epic endings i wont use
i’m posing like a deposed King with no muse
churnin out maudlin songs
tom jonesing impersonating the old me on a stage littered with lingeree of
old ladies
yours are stored in a vault.
shouldna called me sailor shouldna let me nail ya
now how im gonna stop callin to annoy ya
why you called me cowboy
why you go around destroyin every boy in town
stubbornly lovin you til you become real like a stuffed bunny
if i’m lucky you kiss me on the cheek and say something snarky
if ya think we’re gonna TALK or something....nah.
priscilla at 14 in white cotton panties to my psycho in the shower
yer illustrated anatomy’s soft like a lambie sweet in my mouth yeah
punx not dead
brains banged away you look up and say put the camera away and
come back to bed.
dont say the L word to certain babes they’ll run away
i’ll play back the day i said This is more than sex, and you said, Is it? it
is? is it?
aghh you kill faith in perfection.
i know. grow up. no one gets the girl whose stories fit yours like leggos.
youre just love bait a fat wallet
on a string pulled away right when i grab it
so what unborn millionaire dreams are slaughtered everyday
angels snickerin helter skelterin He’s not ready that’s why we sent her in.
but you said but i thought we were the king and queen of homo hop punkrock
you say it aint true but i’m just another link in yer white boy chain o fools


hey ladies...
they tell you to worry about predators with guns
so you scurry about limiting your fun in the dark
when in fact the attack
like a stab in the back
where you gotta watch your mouth
is in your own house the love shack jackee
aint no out-the-bush-jumpin stranger
in the park ya gotta watch out for
just when ya think it’s cush it’s Mr Danger
bite like his bark kickin it on yer couch
ya think a 12 year old ho thought o that on her own
why she ran away from home sweet home
in a pimp’s arms better than it once was all her kiddie porn pals dead in a
if in the end she’s alive she’ll a been traumatized like 9/11 survivors
moms what you gonna do when your boyfriends eyes her
if he’s a jerk call a high alert
i gotcher war on terrorists
fix yer man a sandwich
knuckle sandwich
*DOMA? no love for the homos. where’s my princess bride?
you must be in a coma if you think gay marriage is a carriage to hell
for society
we need the courage to heal from uncle dad’s treachery
raising bambinis for 21st century slavery machinery
penitentiaries cheaper than a factory
like what’s fucked up by broken trust can be corrected at correctional
all my homies in the big house
came up in a hell house
of rapes beatins shameful secrets
generations keep repeating
how we gonna beat this*

it‘s so nice to have a man at least around the house
feels right until his sanity goes down south
at midnight you gotta jam to your feet and roust the kids out
beat it from the beater and the heat
run away on an underground railway
wanted in 50 states they say you snapped
kidnapped your own babies when bailing
was all you could do to save them from the raving
madman sworn to protect them
what’s that about

dads diddlin their children
killin their women everyday
dont get half the space in the press
of the one crazed babe who drowns the kids
she dont know how to save
while the front page raves how it cant explain
why maternal instinct turned to rage!
cuz babes are just plain unstable

if they’re so stable why do guys strangle
chix with their bare hands? cuz they can
judge is willin to let em serve two to six
women rebellin with a gun or an ice pick
will soon be chillin on death row
you gotta know kung fu to take a life
you’ll do less time than for a bullet or a knife
still pay more than a man
who offs his wife
cuz what? your life aint worth as much?
damn make a stand
like j lo: had enough? rough him up
9-10 he’s out for the count
why you gotta be the one to leave your own house
he aint down
if he’s a jerk
call a high alert
i gotcher war on terrorists
fix your man a sandwich
knuckle sandwich


goin to a birthday party with tha fuckin hags
someone’s gonna end up in a body bag
mona’s drivin
bad moon risin
ain’t afraid o dyin
cuz we’re fuckin hags

get a forty ouncer
get a girl and bounce her
on the end of my dil-do
ya callin me a hoe?
that’s what i am
my middle name is scam
I’m a hag

ain’t payin no rent
i’d rather get bent
let the landlord rot cuz i’m gonna squat right here
don’t come to visit me without a six-pack o beer and a pack o cigarets
we’ll be in heaven
don’t forget the spray paint
turn up the L7
I’m a hag

United we stand divided we fall
cops would like to catch a hag but they never caught a one
we’re too quick
slick we got brains we’re insane
dealin with the pigs would just be a pain
we got gigs to hit
our pals are waitin in the pit
so we can kick
the shit
out o the first muthafucka
that gives us any shit
we’re fuckin hags

went to headhopper’s
she was bored
so we went dumpster divin on our rad skate boards
we found some lamps and coffee machines
and a buncha other what i though was kinda useless things
with which she’s gonna build a motor
and skate to petaluma
she’s a hag

cash gas or acid no one rides for free
‘less you’re ridin my face
then maybe we’ll see
that’s what jo said wavin her gun
left her car on the freeway now she’s on the run
she’s a hag

julian julian hitchmasta
hitch-hiked all the way to alaska
her mama’s worried ‘bout her fate
said “they’re gonna chop you up and mail you all over the united states”
but her mama ain’t a hag she’s a hag

crash jumped a fence
and sprained her ankle
then she lost her wallet with three twenty dollar bills
other hags brought some ice ‘stead o callin her a wanker
and assortments of prescriptions for the pain to kill
she’s a hag

Mr Quijas locked herself out and she was pissed
so she thought she’d wrap her hand up in a flannel shirt
proceded to smash the window with her fist
since she saw it on TV she knew she couldn’t get hurt
the blood began to squirt
all she could blurt
out was
I’m a hag
and i get into hag fixes
used to gettin eighty-sixed
nothin that a coupla sixers won’t fix
i’m a hag
i go out taggin with my sistahs
i go on hag adventures so i’ll take my licks

i got bills to pay
i better go on GA
or make em think i’m crazy and go on SSI
wild look in my eye
got my coat on backward
look a little more dangerous than a mere slacker
i piss in my pants
i don’t miss a chance
to make it look like i deserve some of the governments reserves
cuz i’m a hag
i don’t believe in workin
and if i ever do it’s only cuz i’m hurtin
you think i’m a beast
but i’m an artiste
if you act like a sucker you gonna get fleeced
cuz you owe me motherfucker and that’s cuz i’m a hag
i got nasty hag habits
and if you don’t like it
why dontcha just bag it
i’m a hag
and i ain’t got no respect
for no one but a hag except Becky Wreck
when i get stewed i get an attitude
if you say i’m rude that’s an understatement dude
cuz i’m lewd i’m rank i’m irreverent and malicious
when i’m comin down off speed i’m downright vicious
i’m a hag (SF)
i’m a hag







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