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Lynnee Breedlove’s
One Freak Show: Less Rock, More Hilarity

How absolutely wonderful to go see a gender-bent and bending border-crossing whip-smart cutting-edge performer—who allows the audience to become children for a few moments. Terry Baum, SF Bay Times

Maybe most of this stuff will never make it to the mainstream. That's the mainstream's loss...Rachel Howard, SF Chronicle

Uninhibited humor lends tender insight and perspective to a gender politics debate that often takes place in a fiercely contentious atmosphere...Billy Tania, SF Bay Times

After 15 years as lead yeller of legendary punk dyke band Tribe8, vanguard of the queer revolution, Lynn Breedlove rocks on. Over the last fifteen years, fronting the band, writing the highly acclaimed, Lambda Literary Award nominated urban punk novel, Godspeed, performing with the all woman spoken word troupe Sister Spit, and hosting  San Francisco’s queer cabarets, Breedlove has developed an onstage persona that’s become the audience pick through all of these forms. Regardless of what medium he chooses, it’s this easy, intimate, improvisational fluidity that reaches everyone, turns the specific universal, and makes learning high-minded political concepts fun at last.

This solo show continues to bring the activism, the laughs, the visibility, and the education through the usual ridiculous, confusing, and shocking antics, and this time also some stuffed animals and eggbeaters. Don't worry, knives and body parts are still part of the show.

Directed by Bayla Travis, who has directed several plays and penned nine, including "The Dyke and the Porn Star" (directed by Cintra Wilson). Bayla also wrote for the PBS series "In the Life," worked on The Cosby Show and is the former editor of "On Our Backs" magazine. "Kiss and Tell," her most recent play and first musical will have its world premiere in March at The Drill Hall Theatre in London.

Lynnee Breedlove’s ONE FREAK SHOW: Less Rock, More Hilarity
is queer, homohop, punkrock standup comedy on transgender bodies, feminism, family, and "community." Her plan for world peace includes gender nesting dolls, cross-dressing stuffed animals, and a new edition of Our Bodies Ourselves for men.
This story touches everyone regardless of sexuality or gender. It’s about the confusion not just of society but of the individual, when he doesn’t modify himself to make his insides match his outsides. It’s about the sadness of the bicultural guy torn between warring communities, because he identifies as both. It’s about trying to label oneself to satisfy others and get love, when in fact no label seems to fit, and how the eyes of a child open the heart to simplify social constructs. It’s about parental struggles to guide and let go at the same time. It’s about our human body quest for compassion for ourselves and everyone else. It’s an irreverent, sweet look at the interior world of Lynn Breedlove, notorious punk feminist, giving out permission slips to laugh at ourselves and each other and accidentally stumble on love.

Annie Sprinkle and Michelle Tea loved it.
Jello Biafra, singer for the Dead Kennedys,

famous rebel straight non-trans guy, says: "The best Tribe 8 show I ever saw was when Lynnee went off on these comic tangents between songs and cracked me up as much as any great comedian I've ever seen. Breedlove sings, writes, now brace yourself for a razor-sharp storyteller. Get in on the ground floor - see this show. A true renaissance rabble-rouser, the sky's the limit."

Breedlove is the singer/lyricist for Tribe 8, author of the novel Godspeed, co-host of K’vetsch queer open mic – for 8 years voted Best of the Bay, and DJ on the Unka Lynnee and Aunty Cindy show (streaming audio, bringing queer,trans, and women’s music and opinionated opinions to the airwaves. You can access his column, Uncle Lynnee’s School for Boyz, in Our Backs Magazine, Shim is currently writing Godspeed, the screenplay and documenting his world tour.

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